Recipe Form – info

In version 1.1 was introduced new functionality – Allowing users to add recipe to your blog. There are two options here:

  • Allow anonymous user to add recipe
  • Require registration to add recipe

Both are done by creating page with special templates, which contains similar form as in Post Editor.
In both cases each post added by user will be saved as ‘Draft’. You can then review it, edit, and approve it or delete it.


Form for adding recipe doesn’t allow anonymous users to upload any media files (like photos). It’s default in WordPress, and it’s generally recommended. You’ll never know who and what will upload to your server, so it’s better to require registration if you want users to add Recipe with photos. Currently there is no way to change it, but if it will be requested by many buyers, I’ll try do add some kind of file upload option in that form.

If you want to add Recipe Form only for registered users, you need to remember about Roles and Capabilites for new users. I recommend two things: first, read more about it on codex, second, install Members plugin by Justin Tadlock. It will help you to grant and take access from certain WordPress functionality for your users. If for example you will set default role to Author, my recommended capabilities for that role would be only ‘upload_files’,’edit_posts’,’delete_posts’.

It’s really important that you are aware of what you’re doing here. I can’t take any responsibility for any harm users might do to your page if you’ll set Roles in wrong way. Create test account on your website, and play with different settings for that. And never ever change capabilites for admin users, you could risk loosing access to your blog.

Are you scared enough? In reality it’s not so hard, just take some precautions and remember there are evil people on this planet 😉 If you have any questions about roles and recipe form, feel free to contact me.

Form for adding recipe allows registered users to upload any media files (like photos), but it doesn’t give them access to already uploaded filest in Media Library. 

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